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Paleontologist Gregg Gunnell, Director of the Division of Fossil Primates from 2011-2017, amidst the DFP’s collection of more than 30,000 fossils. Specimens range from 55 million to 500 years old and provide important clues to primate evolution. Photo by Duke University Photography.

The Division of Fossil Primates (DFP) houses rare and unique collections of vertebrates from around the world that document the complexity, diversity, and evolutionary history of life over the past 55 million years. Thesecollections include what is probably nike air max 90 hyperfuse pink purple flowers
, the group that includes living monkeys, apes, and humans. In addition, itsskeletal specimens of extinct giant lemurs from Madagascar are unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Over 30,000 specimens are housed at DFP and span time ranges from 55 to 48 million years (Wyoming), 37 to 19 million years (Egypt), 18 to 7 million years (India), and 10,000 to 500 years (Madagascar).

Although the DFP collections focus primarily on primates,many other mammals and vertebrates are also represented. Specimens range from nearly complete skeletons of subfossils from Madagascar to skulls, dentitions, and isolated postcranial elements from Egypt, India, and Wyoming. An extensive collection of comparative casts and recent primate skeletons is also included in the DFP collections.

Duke and the Duke Lemur Center areusingMorphoSource to build a “virtual ark” of the DFP’s fossils, giving researchers and students — even high-schoolers! — in the U.S. and around the worldfree access to our fossil specimenswithout having to drive or flyto our facility. “By scanning them in the microCT and creating these beautiful 3-D models, we can digitize the specimens and share them online. nike baskets air max trax leather homme cologne
.” Ourgoal is to make every specimen in the DFP’s vastcollection digitally available as soon as possible.

DFP specimens currently available for download and study via MorphoSource can be womens nike air force 1 flyknit white/pure platinum/white

MorphoSource was developed by Doug Boyer of Duke’s Department of Evolutionary Anthropology. To learn how digitizing natural history collections and making them digitally available to anyone with a computer and internet access “stands to have a transformative impact on natural sciences,” see “Natural history collections in the digital age” (Research Features Magazine, 2017) .

Some people are paralyzed in their tracks when they hit an obstacle in their lives, while others manage to thrive because of them. Ryan Holiday's The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph doesn't provide step-by-step instructions on accomplishing your goals, but it does offer a mantra and mindset that everyone can pursue.

This is part of Lifehacker's new fragment design x nike roshe ld1000 sp ราคาน้ำมัน
series. Not every life hack can be summed up in a blog post, so we've decided to review some of our favorite life-changing books for deeper dives into life's most important topics.

Author nike air max 90 yellow crocodile skin boots
is only 27, but he has worked in marketing, written for major publications like Forbes and the New York Observer , and been a media strategist for other authors. The Obstacle Is the Way is Holiday's third book, and deals with cheap womens nike roshe run uk
, perspective , and having the nike womens free 50 running shoe blue
to carry on no matter what the circumstances. It's a study and reflection on the philosophy of Stoicism , along with stories of great historical figures that realized that problems were merely a chance to grow stronger. By the time you finish it, you might just feel a little stronger yourself.

In the past week, Ryan Holiday read seven books, flew from Austin to Atlanta to Miami to Atlanta to …

Who This Book Is For

This book is for everyone, and I mean everyone . We all have obstacles in our life. Whether you're an entrepreneur, artist, or student, this book is about seeing problems the right way. It cuts through the bullshit excuses you may have and delivers example after example of great people doing great things despite their struggles. This book is for everyone that wants to do something, but hasn't yet.


This is also a motivational read for anyone that feels like they're stuck and they have nowhere to go. Holiday makes it clear that this is "not a book of gushing, hazy optimism," so cynics can approach knowing that this is not a head-in-the-clouds, follow-your-dreams lesson in looking on the bright side. If anything, I recommend you buy this book as a gift for someone who is constantly complaining, whining, or announcing that the world is out to get them.

Folks, you must be wondering what kinda title is this! But I would like to share my experience of how we turned the Fragile development into working Agile development.

@ ThoughtWorks every project follows Agile software development practice. Our project is no exception. We were following most of the rituals.

List seems sufficient to qualify for Agile, isn’t it? However there were many things which we were doing incorrectly. So instead of Agile, the process was actually qualifying for ‘Fragile development’ (name credits: Vardhan )

Ok so what were we doing wrong?

Sounds like we are doing enough wrong things and hence we cannot say that we are Agile. Apparently we started new project. My BA( Vardhan ) and I decided to address these concerns. Simple tricks helped us. Below is how.

2. We made a rule that developers cannot push a code if the functional pipeline is red. Initially people resisted the idea however later on everyone started owning up these functional pipelines just as they own the core build pipelines.

3. We made sure that we complete whatever we signup in the iteration planning meeting. Of course sometimes this can be tricky when there are factors which you cannot control e.g. unavailability of APIs. However apart from such external dependencies; we should not give any other excuse.

4. We started tracking refactoring which a pair identified but could not complete. We started managing this in a separate tech. task board. Anyone can signup to complete these at anytime.

5. Developers started owning up the Automation tests. Just like unit and integration tests, devs write functional tests before moving story to QA bucket. QA can pair with the devs for these tests.

6. Devs/ QA pairs up with BA for requirement gathering, analysing API responses. During the last 2–3 panic days of iteration, devs and BA contributes in testing stories.

With these small things everyone started feeling motivated. Everyone in the Team cherish moments when story is marked as done. In an iteration of 2 weeks, we now complete signed up items in 8–9 days. We save at least a day every iteration! Awesome isn’t it? But what to do with this extra day? We started a new experiment in which every Team member gets a day to explore whatever thing s/he wants to do. It can be literally anything like learning a new language, knocking off tech. tasks or even enhancing Table Tennis skills! It’s now 3 iterations since we started this and everyone waits for that day to come. 😮😮😮

The purpose of Sigma Iota is to unify all students within the School of Hospitality Business Management in the Carson College of Business at Washington State University. Sigma Iota will allow every student an opportunity to get involved with the university, the Carson College, and the hospitality program. Sigma Iota will provide a forum for students to network within the organization and with other hospitality clubs.

We meet bi monthly in Todd. To find exact dates and times go to the Facebook page/website.

Sigma Iota is an “umbrella” club for the School of Hospitality Business Management which provides a group to which all hospitality majors/minors can belong. Sigma Iota serves as a freestanding club while providing members access to four additional hospitality clubs/student organizations (Ambassadors, Eta Sigma Delta, National Society of Minorities in Hospitality, and Professional Convention Management Association).

None, come as you are and be part of the organization

in conjunction with Dad’s Weekend

Brewfest is a beer tasting event put on each fall by the members of Sigma Iota. The event provides tastings from breweries located in the Pacific Northwest as well as food, entertainment, and a souvenir tasting glass. Brewfest is entirely coordinated by students and all funds generated from this event go toward scholarships, career development field trips, guest lectures from the hospitality industry, and other educational opportunities.

in conjunction with Mom’s Weekend

Winefest is a wine tasting event hosted each spring by the members of Sigma Iota. Admission to the event includes wine tastings from wineries across the Northwest, a gourmet buffet catered by the School of Hospitality Business Management, an exciting silent auction, live music, and a commemorative wine glass. Winefest is entirely coordinated by students and all funds generated from this event go toward scholarships, career development field trips, guest lectures from the hospitality industry, and other educational opportunities.

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