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Over the past decade, the call for seafood traceability has grown louder and more urgent amid rising concerns about mislabeling, illegal fishing, and diminishing stocks of some of the world’s most commercially important fish. Recent reports have now sounded additional alarms on human trafficking and modern-day slavery within the seafood supply chain. For seafood companies attempting to play by the rules, these systemic failures threaten market efficiencies, brand integrity, and profits.

The seafood traceability agenda to date has been driven largely by nonprofits, consumer advocacy groups, and government agencies focused on product recall, public health, and accurate labeling issues. Increasingly, retailers and other industry representatives are taking up the cause, having been influenced by consumer demand for product transparency and recognizing the need to mitigate risk. However, in the absence of regulation, pushing full-chain implementation of the data capture and management systems required to support true end-to-end traceability has proved challenging.

This report aims to highlight the compelling market incentives of traceability, while raising awareness of the very real human and technological barriers that hamper broader adoption. Through interviews with key technology vendors, NGOs, government agencies, trade groups, and a sample of supply-chain players, Future of Fish assessed: credible business wins offered by traceability technology systems in general; twelve specific seafood traceability vendor solutions and the key business benefits of each; key principles for a smooth transition to traceability adoption and implementation; and barriers to traceability technology adoption, successful implementation, and whole-chain traceability.

Efforts by nonprofits and government agencies to push their traceability agendas are often confounded by the fact that many companies perceive traceability technology as purely an added cost with no measurable returns. However, traceability technology offers some clear business wins for seafood companies. Within the seafood industry, the ability of fishers, processors, distributors, and retailers to seamlessly share key information about a product as it wends its way from dock to dinner plate can improve inventory management, reduce operational inefficiencies, reduce waste and improve yields, increase the pace of decision making, and fuel innovation across the entire business ecosystem. For an industry where the difference between making a profit and being in the red can be a matter of pennies per pound, traceability technology can provide clear competitive advantage.

CES is here

CES is here, and we’re ready to make it go ‘boom.’ You won’t hear any conversations quite like the ones in the Tech Boom Boom Room, where a diverse group of female leaders will lead four intimate and insightful discussions about tech, culture and leadership on Tuesday, January 9. Here’s the agenda (all times are in PST):

12:00pm – Welcome from Joy Howard, CMO, Sonos 12:10pm – Session 1: Inspiring the Next Generation of Artists and Engineers

12:00pm – Welcome from Joy Howard, CMO, Sonos 12:10pm – Session 1: Inspiring the Next Generation of Artists and Engineers

The future is female. The future is diverse. The future is accepting. The future is inclusive. Millennial expectations are changing greatly and our industries must be poised to meet the moment. How do we inspire the next generation of artists and engineers to innovate?


1:00pm – Session 2: Spaces for Social Capital

What experiences and environments (online and offline) exist/should exist to afford women and people of color the same relationship-building opportunities as the all ‘boys clubs’ and ‘boys outings’ of yore? How do we incentivize online communities to design meaningful safeguards and consequences for harassment, hate speech, and other abuse, which commonly targets and silences women and people of color?

2:00pm – Session 3: Democratizing Genius

The arrogant, unyielding lone genius or truculent boy-king in a hoodie — business culture has lionized certain leadership tropes, and in doing so negated the truth that leadership manifests in different ways, in very different types of people. Who are the ‘unconventional’ or ‘unexpected’ leaders, what can we learn from their example, and how do we elevate their appeal?

3:00pm – Session 4: Leadership The Future of Talent

What programming and investment is required to actively train or groom women and people of color for executive leadership? What are the frequent obstacles cited when it comes to finding diverse talent, and how do we systematically overcome them?

3:45pm – Conversations Conclude

Tune in live during the event at facebook.com/sonos .

Don’t forget to follow the conversation at #ListenBetterCES .

And if you’re in Las Vegas, why don’t you join us in person? But, you’ve got to RSVP first at sonos.com/listenbetterCES

Forecast: Foggy overnight; Chance of thunderstorms Wednesday

New Jersey saw mostly cloudy, dreary conditions Tuesday with temperatures in the low- to mid-40s.

News 12 New Jersey Meteorologist Michele Powers says that more rain is expected Wednesday with the chance of some thunderstorms.

News 12 New Jersey

Tuesday’s overnight hours should see areas of fog with some light rain. Temperatures should stay in the 40s.

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Wednesday’s weather is expected to be mostly cloudy with the chance of thunderstorms. High temperatures should reach the low-60s.

Thursday should see mostly sunny skies with cooler temperatures in the upper-40s.

Friday is expected to see the return of clouds and scattered rain, with high temperatures in the upper-50s.

Stay with News 12 New Jersey for the latest weather information, and download the News 12 app for on-the-go weather updates.

Authorities say two women were driving drunk when they separately caused numerous crashes involving parked vehicles.

Stella Artois is voluntarily recalling 11.2 oz. glass bottles in the U.S. and in some cases, Canada, because a packaging flaw may cause a small piece of glass to break off and possibly fall into the bottles.

A teenager sang the theme from the television show "Cops" after he was arrested following a chase through Bergen County.

Wednesday will mark 50 years since the death of civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

New Jersey Transit's board has postponed a meeting where it was due to consider a controversial plan to buy a 3-acre site on Hoboken's waterfront to use as a ferry maintenance terminal.

A New Jersey utility company may be abusing its power by disconnecting or threatening to disconnect service unless customers pay large utility bills for which they are not legally responsible.

The New Jersey Devils are hoping to clinch a spot in the NHL playoffs for the first time in five seasons.

Gov. Phil Murphy says he's proposing $100 million in new spending to address the state's opioid crisis.

A woman opened fire Tuesday at YouTube headquarters, wounding three people before fatally shooting herself as terrified employees huddled inside, police and witnesses said.

Are there more crows in the Bay Area than there used to be? The answer is yes. For this short-answer segment, reporter JurgenKlemm teamed up with veteran birder Alan Hopkins to learn why. Click the player above to hear the story.

Lake Merritt is often referred to as the Jewel of Oakland. By day, you can see fitness enthusiasts running and birds splashing in the water. But as the sun begins to set, the crowd thins out, and a string of 3,400 pearly light bulbs begin to glow.

Is Lake Merritt actually a lake? The answer is no !

A more accurate name might be Lagoon Merritt or Slough Merritt, as it's connected to the salty ocean water of the Bay. In this short-answer segment, reporter Jürgen Klemm dives into the history of Oakland's heart-shaped body of water.

Was the flagpole on top of Oakland's Tribune Tower designed as a mooring for airships? Listener Robert Weiner submitted this question to nike air max 95 reddit nhl
, KALW'scollaborative reporting project. Click the audio player above to hear the answer.

Listener Holley Wysong wanted to know why new street signs in San Francisco use a typeface with upper and lowercase letters. She asked KALW's collaborative news project nike free run 2 ext trainers in grey
to find the answer.

grade school nike air max 90 black rainbow multicolor shoes miranda
in southeastern San Francisco is home to an amphitheater, air jordan 6 like mike stock x legit
, sweeping views of San Bruno Mountain and — according to listener Danny Yanow— some "giant birds nests." Yanow wrote into KALW's collaborative reporting project Hey Area asking what kind of birds built them.

Does a river run through it?

That's the question that listenerMilena Fiore posed to KALW's collaborative news project Hey Area . In this short-answer segment, she speaks with Ginny Stearns, an amateur historian and nike air jordan 2012 flywire hoop
board member, to learn the answer.

Austin Newsom is an Amtrak ticket agent at the Transbay Terminal in downtown San Francisco. On his lunch breaks, he takes walks along the Embarcadero.

“It’s really nice, and people usually, when they’re walking along the waterfront, for whatever reason they have big smiles on their faces. I think it makes people happy.”

It’s easy to navigate the streets in San Francisco’s Bayview District once you realize that they’re alphabetical. Avenues, for example, go McKinnon, Newcomb, Oakdale, Palou, etc. Streets go Mendell, Newhall, Phelps.

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