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Adams Musical Instruments - Experience the Sound of Quality

Invasion Split EP

Defilement Trier, Germany

5 piece Beatdown Hardcore band from GermanyBooking: nike free flyknit volt/electric green/wolf grey

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Holy Roar Records Deals In All Manner Of Heavy

dygraphs lets you add annotations (markers) to individual points on your chart. These markers have a short bit of text or an icon that's displayed over the chart, plus a longer description that appears when you hover over them.

There are two methods which are used to add, remove and modify annotations:

Calling dygraph.setAnnotations(dygraph.annotations()) is a no-op: it simply causes the chart to refresh.

Let's say we have a simple chart and wish to add an annotation. Here's how:

Annotations are JavaScript dictionaries. The series and x fields are required: they indicate which point the annotation should be attached to. If specified, shortText will appear on the annotation "flag". If you don't specify shortText , you can specify icon instead to display a small picture. The text parameter specifies hovertext. If you highlight the annotation and leave the mouse still, it will appear.

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, you need to pass in a numeric value for the x field. For a numeric x-axis, simply pass in the x-value of the data point on which you wish to attach the annotation. For a date axis, pass in Date.parse('YYYY/MM/DD') . This returns milliseconds since epoch for the date.

To remove or modify existing annotations, call the annotations method to get an array of annotations. Modify that array, then pass it back in to setAnnotations . For example, this code deletes the second annotation and changes the series to which the first is attached:

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When you pass a URL as the data source to dygraphs, it must issue a request for the data before drawing the chart. This means that the chart data is not yet available immediately after you call new Dygraph and so the call to g.setAnnotations will fail. The best way around this is to use the ready() method:

These properties can all be set in the dictionary for an annotation. The use of each one is demonstrated on the red air jordan hoodie

dygraphs lets you attach event handlers to your annotations. These can be specified globally (for all annotations) or on a per-annotation basis:

These event handlers all take the same parameters:

Hi! We're Glossier.

Ah keratin, most confusing and seductive of straightening treatments. There's a lot of marketing, a lot of conflicting information, and a lot of people with follicular/emotional scarring from the Great Brazilian Freakout of '09 (NEVER FORGET). Usually, we'd just run around screaming “Keratiiiiiin' like ersatz beauty-industry versions of Animal from The Muppets, but this is important, so instead we teamed up with Rudy Pena, the “Curl and DeFrizz Specialist' (great job title) at Julien Farel Salon —he does this all day, every day—for a handy straightening guide.

Here are 10 key facts about keratin ( plus a Beyoncé hair gif , because welcome to the internet):

Fact the First: WTF Is Keratin Straightening? This TF Is Keratin Straightening Your hair is made of keratin, so a keratin treatment pretty much consists of marinating yourself in even more of the stuff until it sticks (heat helps this process). It smooths out the surface of follicles and, depending on how much you use, releases curls, takes out waves, etc. It makes hair shinier and helps prevent breakage, too. It's not cheap—salons can charge anywhere from $200–$600—and it's tricky. So don't grab the first Groupon you see.

Fact the First: WTF Is Keratin Straightening? This TF Is Keratin Straightening

Fact 2: Keratin Treatments, Unlike Face Tattoos, Aren't Permanent Keratin washes out eventually. Most treatments last about eight weeks, but it could be up to six months. Obviously, this is something you want to ask about beforehand unless you enjoy literally any kind of surprise, even like “Surprise! Your hair is straight for half a year!”

Fact 2: Keratin Treatments, Unlike Face Tattoos, Aren't Permanent

Fact 3: Keratin Straighteners Shouldn't Be Carcinogenic If you're freaked out by the low level of formaldehyde that's produced during classic keratin treatments, be direct when you make your appointment and say you'll only accept formaldehyde-free services (there are a lot of new options). “Not only is it a more pleasant olfactory experience, it's also safer for your skin and eyes!” Pena says.

Fact 3: Keratin Straighteners Shouldn't Be Carcinogenic

Fact 4: You Can Use Keratin To Get Rid Of Frizz Without Straightening Your Curls If all you want is slightly smoother texture, keratin can do that, too. Ask for a weaker formulation that won't release curls. Pena loves the Zero Frizz Quickie treatment in particular because “there's no downtime; you can wash your hair that night, and you're back to natural in six to eight weeks!” Coincidentally, Pena also created Zero Frizz Quickie, but we won't hold that against him.

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