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Thanks so much Sunny, Liron, Balraj and Devanand for your quick replys.

So as I understand you all propose to build a function on year by year basis... So there is no generalizable solution, command etc that would run the same calculation across all years no matter how many years?

In Tableau this is accomplished with best way to clean nike frees

Is there something similar in Qlik?

I think there is a way, but need to be tested on your data. Is it possible to provide a sample?

Sure. The sample data set can be found from here:




Year([Order Date]) as Year,

Month([Order Date]) as Month,

MonthName([Order Date]) as MonthYear;

LOAD [Row ID],

[Order Priority],


[Unit Price],

[Shipping Cost],

[Customer ID],

[Customer Name],

[Ship Mode],

[Customer Segment],

[Product Category],

[Product Sub-Category],

[Product Container],

[Product Name],

[Product Base Margin],


[State or Province],


[Postal Code],

[Order Date],

[Ship Date],


[Quantity ordered new],


[Order ID]

[Sample - Superstore Subset (Excel).xlsx]

(ooxml, embedded labels, table is Orders);




Resident Table

Order By Month, Year;

DROP Table Table;

Expression: =Aggr(((Sum(Sales)/Above(Sum(Sales))) - 1) * 100, Year, Month)

=Aggr(((Sum(Sales)/Above(Sum(Sales))) - 1) * 100, Year, Month)

Here is how you can do it.

It seems TAG Heuer has found a way to make the tourbillon “affordable.” Visually, the tourbillon inside the Heuer-02T is simpler and lacks the polishing of more astronomically priced tourbillons from haute horology brands like A. Lange Söhne, DeWitt or Girard-Perregaux. TAG Heuer said it cut down the cost of tourbillon manufacturing through “the perfect mastery of industrial processes and manufacturing costs.”

In spite of the tourbillon’s uselessness, they’ve remained common among the uppermost echelon of the watch market.

TAG hasn’t disclosed what specifically that “mastery” is, but the company isn’t the only one to make tourbillon manufacturing cost effective. In the past decade or so, manufacturers of calibers in China have managed to create even more affordable tourbillon movements. Tianjin Seagull manufactures nike free runs female dog
that retails for under $5,000. Meanwhile the Hangzhou Watch Company makes its own tourbillon movements that sell in watches like the white nike free run 3 v4 pogo
for hundreds rather than thousands.

These manufacturers have been able to make affordable tourbillons by streamlining manufacturing and utilizing less traditional production processes. “Today we have production methods which allow us to produce spare parts in extremely high precision and acceptable quality,” independent haute watchmaker Thomas Prescher said in an interview with nike shoes roshe two sneaker
. “So it is already possible to have extremely cheap tourbillons from the Far East for about $250.”

So, if the value of a tourbillon stems from the fact that it is essentially art — painstakingly crafted expressions of the pinnacle of watchmaking, even if they don’t have any real useful function — affordability comes at the cost of creating a less complex and less beautiful timepiece. It renders a mostly pointless movement entirely pointless.

Where to hike in America, the blankets you need by the campfire, the best trips to take on your motorcycle -- find that and much more in our Adventure Issue.

With every season, Goldwin leads the pack in terms of design. This latest lifestyle collection is no different. It’s designed to perfection: first and foremost it’s fashion-forward

For those of you inclined to take your love of camping to our sandy shores, there's some very specific gear that'll make the experience far more enjoyable.

In 2014, our Sailing School was awarded Best Sailing School/Club by the Fédération de Voile du Québec. This trophy wishes to recognize excellence in all programs organized by a club or sailing school (training, racing, cruising or special event). In 2013, our Head Coach, Simon Altman, received from the FVQ the Instructor/Coach of the Year award which recognizes an instructor or a coach who has contributed exceptionally to a training or a racing program. Our Race Team was presented with the banner of the Best Team Spirit at the 49th Final of the Quebec Games in 2014, Zao Dinel, one of our Race Team, members placed 9th in the Optimist Final.

Best Sailing School/Club Instructor/Coach of the Year Best Team Spirit General Program Requirements nut-free Weekly Youth Program

Brome Lake Boat Club offers a Weekly Sailing Youth Program, open to Members and non-members,designed for children and teenagers of all levels. See the nike air max red white and grey
for dates and the Dues and Fees Schedule for fees. Please note that fees paid qualify as child care expenditures for tax purposes. Appropriate receipts are provided. All participants must pay the Fédération de Voile du Québec annual membership fee.

Wet feet

A program specific to ages 5 to 7. TheWet Feetexperience is designed to help young sailors feel comfortable on the water and to experience the sport of sailing in the most positive way. Instruction includes on-the-water sailing in Optimist dinghies with an instructor on board or close alongside, as well as shore-based boating related activities. Each group has a maximum of six participants, allowing close and supportive coaching and supervision. The goal of this program is to get children comfortable in small boats and prepare them to move on to our Learn-to-Sail program.No prior sailing experience is necessary. Participants may obtain Sail Canada certification of I CAN Sail if all skills are demonstrated in the class.

Learn to Sail

An introductory program for children aged 8 to 16 years. The Learn to Sail course introduces new sailors to the basics of sailing and offers experienced sailors many opportunities to advance their abilities. Each group has a maximum ofeight participants. The emphasis is on developing boat handling skills, independence and safety. Once completed, students should be able to sail with confidence and increased independence. No prior sailing experience is necessary. Participants may obtain Sail Canada certification of CANSail 1 or CANSail 2 if all skills are demonstrated in the class.



Sunday, 12pm - 4pm

Monday+ Tuesday, 10am - 6pm

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Thursday, 10am - 6pm

Friday + Saturday, 10am - 5pm


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